Small Groups

Small groups are an integral part of our Loft community! We host a variety of small groups at different seasons; everything from ladies groups to men’s, youth and core value groups. These groups exist to build relational connections on a face-to-face basis, fully known and fully loved. We feel the long lasting benefit of the discussions these meetings spark.

If  you are interested in joining any of these groups, please email Amanda ( with your name, email, contact number and which group you would like to participate in.

Small groups will continue this Winter.  In the mean time, please stop by and join us as we worship and praise God in an intimate and acoustic way.  Connect and experience worship in a different and impactful way .  We will be holding Nights of Worship on Wednesday night (9/25/19, 10/9/19, 10/23/19, and 11/13/19).  Come join us!