COVID – 19

COVID – 19


Let’s Be Together….. ONLINE! 🙂

As of July 2nd, 2020, our staff and lead team here at the Loft have been informed that one of our members has tested positive for COVID-19.

We love our Loft family and we want you to know that the positive tester is taking every precaution necessary on their end, and we want to do the same.

That means, we will be closing the building once again to prevent any exposure to anyone else. We will follow up with a cleaning and sanitizing of the building before reentry, and we will keep you up to date with any developments that we learn along the way.

In the meantime, we will be GOING LIVE with our services on Facebook July 5th AND July 12th to keep you all safe.

Check back here for any updates!

Miss you already!

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