By: Lisa Davison Recently I was singing a worship song and was struck by a short phrase: “I remember.” It was reflective (as remembering is) and I was suddenly caught up in thankful reflection for things God has done in my life. Things I haven’t thought about for a long time, maybe even years. I […]

By Scott Davidson: Thankfulness, gratitude, grace, mercy, abundance, provision, peace, partakers of His inheritance, enrichment, increase, contentment, freedom, blessing, richness, generosity, overflow, compassion, strength, love, endurance, joy, gladness. As we approach the Christmas holiday and mingle with family a few words stand out to me regarding my own posture and attitude about being thankful on […]

By Lisa Davidson Gratitude generates optimism and makes the days ahead full of expectation and anticipation. Go ahead; attack the day with enthusiasm. You can! Straight ahead of us are warm, family times with everyone gathered around the table sharing a good meal, laughing and playing games, sharing life. Soon friends will come together again […]