Loft Goes to Africa 2020 Part 1

Hey Everyone! This post comes from your most recent LGTA Team – Scott Sonntag, Stacy Burch and Tammy Koch! We are happy to be home in spite of things that are going on globally in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic; and we were blessed God was looking out for us as we all returned unscathed and healthy! (Aaaaand still in quarantine under advisement of the CDC – pray for your Extroverted friends, we are not okay!)

We wanted to share a few things here until we can meet in person once again. There are now 27 girls in the safe home! This is the most they have been able to house, and it is pretty amazing. In this last month, When the Saints reported 10 new girls that had entered the program, including one who is pregnant from the abuse she endured. (That makes 2 girls under the age of 14 that are currently in the home and expecting.) Another was abused in exchange for food as they are so poor and hunger has turned the family to bargaining to survive. One of the girls was abused by her biological father and the case is still in court – YES! These are crimes and they are tried by a court.

When you are praying for the team on the ground there, you are actually praying for the girls mentioned specifically in this counseling report (from @Whenthesaints Facebook page). When you sponsor our team to go, you are giving aide to these beautiful little ones who are victims of their circumstances as well as an evil that is so oppressive in this region. As many of you know, hunger/poverty creates a sense of desperation and many fall prey to it. The people of Malawi are so loving, kind, and trusting, it would be hard to judge them if you were standing there looking into their beautiful faces. There is an innocence that they carry and the enemy of our souls has used this to try to crush and pervert their situation.

We love When the Saints, and are so honored we get to share in their mission, which has become part of The Loft mission. We share in their endeavors both financially and with service.

More to come – stay tuned for some stories from this trip, and UPDATES from the 2019 outreaches!!!

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