Small Groups @theloft

One of the best ways to interact, meet new people and to build friendships is through small groups! Ladies of The Loft & Men of The Loft meet twice a month on Wednesday nights (see location for directions). We switch it up in content for different seasons.

Ladies of the Loft meets in smaller groups of 3-6 ladies every spring and summer. Usually participating in a book study or scripture/devotion study. New season just ahead in May! In fall and winter we meet all together at the Loft for “let your hair down” girl time sessions. Great topics and teaching as well as interactive opportunities. There’s a place for you here. Inbox us for details….

Loft Men do the same things… often the guys gather over steak dinner or catch a movie rather than sit for hours in a coffee shop. The bonding is essential and we never miss growing in the stuff God has for us as we are meeting. We challenge and support one another…. Inbox us for next meeting details….

Loft Recovery meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month and focuses on 12 Steps and other encouraging, supportive material around issues that try to restrain us from living the life Jesus so freely gave so we could live free! Good good stuff!  Come and see. This is a fall and winter group that breaks for spring and summer to refresh the leader and allow all to participate in book studies and other small groups. We like balance here….

contact us via email:

If you are interested in being part of or even starting a group… give us a shout out.

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